Can an ancient email address be reclaimed?

I really don’t care for my email address name. It was one of those things where my internet provider gave a choice of some random letters and numbers with a @ sign in-between.… Continue reading

A Photographic Memory

Being part of a group study abroad experience means that the purpose of your journey is to learn something. It also means that you are not really an individual on a vacation. There… Continue reading


It’s not every day that you leave home and go to the other side of the world. But when you do, you may be surprised to find that things aren’t as different as… Continue reading

India so Far

My friends, I am so far behind because I am so in love with India. We have been jam packed on this trip. So, I figured to try and cut to the chase… Continue reading

I’m Here!

I can hardly belive that today is day five in India. I am sorry that I havent posted earlier but between jet lag, sight seeing, meal times, and discussing the fate of the… Continue reading

Come Along for the Ride

It’s finally here. And now I am nervous. The flight, the heat, the sites, the experience…will it be more, less, everything that I had expected? Like most events that are anticipated, once they… Continue reading

Ode to Those Who Made it Happen

Sometimes, no… all of the time it is important to thank people who are there for you and help you in your time of need. So this post is dedicated to those who… Continue reading

And This is Crunch Time

Well guys, the countdown is really here. We’ve gotten past the “10…9…8…” and down to the nitty gritty crunch time. I have just had the most wonderful weekend with our town’s Fine Arts… Continue reading

A return to Iceland

with photos like this, my interest is peaked! Thirdeyemom I felt like I needed to spice my blog up a bit.  Lately I’ve done an awful lot of posts on Minnesota and even… Continue reading

Question Number Two

I nearly forgot to mention what “question number 2” is until I was making a mental note of when to take my Typhoid vaccine again… “What kind of shots do you need?” I… Continue reading