It’s not every day that you leave home and go to the other side of the world. But when you do, you may be surprised to find that things aren’t as different as you imagined they would be.

On the first leg of my trip, I went to Bangalore, which is Bangaluru in local terms.

There wasn’t so much culture shock, but definitely a sense that I was about to learn a whole lot about another way of living.

To start, the accommodations were quite adequate for a dormitory style complex we stayed in. I am so thankful that this was a

toe in the water

before what I would experience in Agartala.
Although the mosquito net stayed down overnight, I didn’t feel threatened by a deluge of them attacking from my 3rd floor room

We also had the benefit of meals made by the housekeeper. What a great introduction to south Indian food like dosas, chipatis and dal. Freshly cut cucumbers and mangoes as well as ripen bananas were a treat knowing they weren’t picked unripened, refrigerated and sent a thousand miles away for our consumption. This is what fresh tastes like.