A Special Mother’s Day

I can recall hearing someone say, somewhere in time, to a husband that his wife is “not his mother”. This point was meant to make some sort of statement that he was not… Continue reading

The countdown

I can hardly believe that it is now only two weeks away until India (or should I say, until the 17 hour flight to India)!!! Yesterday I started pulling out luggage. My carry… Continue reading

Further Proof That It’s Never Too Late

Watch this clip and just try to say that it’s too late for you to go back to school   http://news.yahoo.com/video/newyorkcbs2-15751042/columbia-janitor-is-now-columbia-graduate-29232319.html#crsl=%252Fvideo%252Fnewyorkcbs2-15751042%252Fcolumbia-janitor-is-now-columbia-graduate-29232319.html

Preconception vs Misconception

As India nears, I am beginning to take inventory of both what I am bringing along as checked baggage as well as personal baggage that I may be carrying along. Can a person… Continue reading

Why India

Since I’ve “announced” my exciting news to friends & family by far THE most asked question is, “Why India?”  When I hear this question, the first thought that comes to my mind is,… Continue reading

Hello world!

Me, a blogger? I don’t know where to start. Actually, I think I do. As the web address alludes to, I am in the home stretch of my educational journey and yet, on… Continue reading