A Special Mother’s Day

I can recall hearing someone say, somewhere in time, to a husband that his wife is “not his mother”. This point was meant to make some sort of statement that he was not… Continue reading

The countdown

I can hardly believe that it is now only two weeks away until India (or should I say, until the 17 hour flight to India)!!! Yesterday I started pulling out luggage. My carry… Continue reading

Further Proof That It’s Never Too Late

Preconception vs Misconception

As India nears, I am beginning to take inventory of both what I am bringing along as checked baggage as well as personal baggage that I may be carrying along. Can a person… Continue reading

Why India

Since I’ve “announced” my exciting news to friends & family by far THE most asked question is, “Why India?”  When I hear this question, the first thought that comes to my mind is,… Continue reading

Hello world!

Me, a blogger? I don’t know where to start. Actually, I think I do. As the web address alludes to, I am in the home stretch of my educational journey and yet, on… Continue reading