India so Far

My friends, I am so far behind because I am so in love with India. We have been jam packed on this trip. So, I figured to try and cut to the chase and attempt to make this mostly a pictorial posting for your enjoyment.

Well, that is not happening because either I am really dense or I can’t insert the photos… that means you are going to get a long winded post

When I get back I’ll make some posts based upon my journals but here is a quick overview:

  • Indian food is FRESH!!! I can’t wait until you see my photos of the markets
  • Indian people are FRIENDLY, especially in Agartala
  • The architecture is CRAZY! I have seen some of the most beautifully crafted places like the Water Palace in Agartala, Akshardham in Delhi and The Maharaja’s palaces in Mysore
  • Its HOT!!!

I am in the final days of my trip but tomorrow we go to the Taj Mahal. It should be a pinnacle moment so… off to rest for that final journey