A Photographic Memory

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Being part of a group study abroad experience means that the purpose of your journey is to learn something. It also means that you are not really an individual on a vacation. There are itineraries and activities that are reflective of a syllabus as well as visiting places based upon what the group leaders or tour guides dictates. Having structure and guidance are important in a strange land, but for this budding photographer, it made for some sad disappointments when I had to walk away from beautiful, special and distinctly interesting moments, much quicker than I would have liked to.

This cannot be helped and ultimately made for an experience full of wonderful memories. Many which I would never have if I was staring at a single flower for an hour, trying to catch the perfect lighting. Some places we jaunted through so quickly, it is only with thanks to my photographs that I can enjoy and relive them without time constraints (ie. the Taj Mahal).

Additionally, there are a few places in India in which camera were not allowed like inside the Mysore Palace, Ashkradam Temple, the dance village where were treated to witnessing an intense & intimate rehearsal, the inner realm of the Taj and some others. It has become even more important to me to journal here moments so I can recall them for as long as my memory will serve me.

There is a lot to India… and three weeks time is enough to scratch the surface.

So take your time and enjoy some of my favorite photos of India as I dream of going back to experience them again someday .