I’ve been thinking about you for a while, wondering if you’ve wondered where I’ve gone and who might want to hear what I have to say. And with that thought, I’ve pretty much… Continue reading

Snow Globes

If I’ve learned anything the past few years, it’s that life is like a snow globe. It sits prettily upon a shelf, still and pretty…then someone walks by and decides they’d like to… Continue reading

Market Street Bridge – Wilkes-Barre, PA

Originally posted on Weblog:
Through an Act of the Pennsylvania Legislature, the Wilkes-Barre Bridge company was tasked to solicit shares for the construction of the first Market Street Bridge crossing the…

The Time is Now

So I’ve graduated and it’s now October. I’d like to say that with graduation I’ve slowed down and taken time to smell the roses. Well, as I look outside and see the petals… Continue reading

Eight Years, and That’s OK

The day finally came, graduation day. I have waited not only though the 8 years it took me to complete my degree but my entire adult life to fulfill the dream of earning… Continue reading

Where does a year go?

Journeys come full circle, so they say. One year ago I was anticipating my trip to India. But there is another part of life that I was driving towards, and that was the… Continue reading

Save the Octopus

Do you have a crazy eating habit? I have several, lets call the foodie quirks. I obsess over having the perfect last bite. It kills me when hubby or one of my kids… Continue reading

Going Bananas for Bananas

Today’s world has allowed me to share the things I love with you. At the very least, I know I love to share my favorite recipes and techniques with friends. I love creating… Continue reading

If I started over …

If I started over ….

Getting Started on the Journey, and Seeing the Destination Ahead

Recently, I took the time to check my college transcripts a little more closely in preparation for my spring graduation. Like any student approaching this milestone, I wanted to soak in the effort… Continue reading