And This is Crunch Time

Magellan to the rescue for my packing organization. This means I now have to get packing!

Well guys, the countdown is really here. We’ve gotten past the “10…9…8…” and down to the nitty gritty crunch time.

I have just had the most wonderful weekend with our town’s Fine Arts Fiesta (perhaps a future post about that) and the finalized shopping that I needed to tie up is (just about) complete. Plenty of conservative, cottony clothing, shoes, toiletries, airline comfort items, a kick ass first aid kit. All I need to get now is a sun hat and rain jacket. Ha! Those two items perfectly sum up what is coming, heat and monsoon season!

The weather here at home is beyond wonderful and makes me even more nervous about the the temperatures that I am about to be subject to in just a few days. I keep checking my iPhone for the weather in the three areas we are visiting (Bangalore, New Dehli and Agartala) and am seeing anything from 89-111 degrees-OMG! Help me, I am not a person of high heat tolerance but I’ll be sure to ingest immense ounces of (bottled) water & keep pounding them down as long as the day is long.

For me, the packing and medical preparations are all secondary. This week is about tying up all of my work responsibilities as much as humanly possible and foremost preparing for this first extended period of time away from my family.

This evening, I just finished hooking up a webcam to the laptop I am taking (yes, there are some that don’t have them built-in) and downloading Skype to it as well. Hmmm, maybe a video blog may appear at some point in this journey????

I’ve spent months keeping a lid on my excitement, so fearful of wearing out the thrill of it. But I can hardly contain myself now. Bear with me, those that are close to me; I’m trying not to be too much.

Please join me on my count down to “3…2…1 !!!!!”