Ode to Those Who Made it Happen

Sometimes, no… all of the time it is important to thank people who are there for you and help you in your time of need. So this post is dedicated to those who made this trip a reality for me.

Let me say, my college advisor, Barbara, is incredible. She has guided me my entire career at King’s College and I am forever grateful for her support. When I told her that I was considering this class she was immediately on board. Because it is my senior year, I needed to make sure that this somehow fit into my planner. Her response was something to the effect, “Well, I don’t know how a course called ‘India: Globalization and its Discontents,’ wouldn’t fit into your Leadership and Global Dynamics major!” Thank You Barb, you rock!

Next, my boss and coworkers. I will definitely have to do ALOT more thanking when I get back because they will need to do some things for me while I am gone. But as it stands right now, I am so thankful for their encouragement, calling this the trip of a lifetime. They have asked nothing in return other than I promise to enjoy myself and not think about work. My profession is not one which I can easily take this amount of time of from but they have made this decision much less stressful because of their graciousness. Thank you all so much! Know that I sincerely am so grateful.

And last but certainly not least, my family- my husband. There are many facets in making a decision to go away for nearly 4 weeks, one being, “how will they handle life without me?” and “what about the expense?” Truly, I am blessed. I have a very capable husband who is very neat and clean, so there will not be piles of pizza boxes upon my return. My children are teens, one just finishing her first year of college 2 weeks ago, so you know that means one thing…they are independent and don’t need their mommy anymore (most days). They are happy to see me live out something I only dreamed I could pursue. And I am excited to share it with them.

I remember the first time I brought up India to hubby. Right away his reaction was positive. The conversation turned from fact finding to signing up, and now going. Just as I have contained my excitement, I think he has contained the realization of our impending separation-until today. This make me realize all the more, the sacrifice that others have made for me. Thank you my darlings, I am so very grateful that my words cannot express it properly. As much as I wish we can experience this together, I will forever cherish this gift of time on my own that you have given me.

Much love and gratitude…