Come Along for the Ride

It’s finally here. And now I am nervous. The flight, the heat, the sites, the experience…will it be more, less, everything that I had expected?

Like most events that are anticipated, once they are here, you can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by. I am anxious to see the Indian people and way of life. Is it relaxed and admired or exact and  purposeful? Can I identify with the evolving Indian society or will I be too foreign to understand, too American?

I think I am also nervous about sharing this experience with strangers. It’s one thing to be the opinionated woman in a class room, but now I am the oldest in the group of girls… okay, young women and they need to put up with me for three weeks. My friends and family are used to me, even enjoy my company. I’ve met these people three times!

This blog is more for me and my sanity. I want to share this experience with people who wish they could experience this journey with me and those I wish could come along. Somehow writing this makes me feel like I am talking to you, my friends who have wished me well and spoke with all the wonder & excitement that I have felt about India.

Watch out Bollywood, because I have a song and dance for everything!

Stay tuned..better yet, tag along…