Can an ancient email address be reclaimed?

I really don’t care for my email address name. It was one of those things where my internet provider gave a choice of some random letters and numbers with a @ sign in-between. Remember when you would type in your name and it would spit a prompt saying, “username already taken. Please choose another or from the recommended below.” And you would get Ugh.

An so I have one of those clunky email addresses that people really can’t recall from memory. But it is mine, and has been so for nearly 17 years now. I really don’t want a new email address for my personal stuff. Newsletters, occasional lines from friends.

WAIT! I don’t ever get friendly little emails from friends! It’s much more fun to stay in touch on Facebook with PHOTOS (wheee!). I do receive the occasional evite to a home shopping party but truly, the only email crowding up my box is me emailing myself, subscriptions to newsletters and bill notifications. So what am I waiting for?

I suppose you would say, fear. I hate feeling as though I am going to miss out on something. As an avid online creeper, being “in the know” is kinda my thing. New products, latest breakups, ships circling the moon, ask me because I probably know about it. And dont get me started on coupons, sales and offers.

I have figured out that I still manage to stay “in the know” these day without even accessing my email box most of the time. I check my yahoo ticker (without email notification), I can usually find out about local goings on in publication or Facebook… so what am I holding on to? And all of those sales notifications, when do I really get to shop? By the time that I can get to them, the offers are usually expired.

Somehow, spending over an hour (or two) on a mailbox of over 3600 unread emails doesn’t appeal to me at this stage of the game. In fact, today I finally sat down with just me and my email box and started to unsubscribe to the dozens of sites I have frequented (or ignored) over the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years and STILL have another 2000 to sift through. Can’t I just start this all over or should I try to reclaim empty-emailbox-glory?

I think I may do both. Keep my ancient email and create something new that fits ME! So, I am searching for a new “handle” for my clean-emailbox-slate.

Have you reclaimed your box? Tell me what you think