Snow Globes

If I’ve learned anything the past few years, it’s that life is like a snow globe. It sits prettily upon a shelf, still and pretty…then someone walks by and decides they’d like to shake things up, if for no other reason than to create a flurry of beautiful white flakes to mesmerize themselves for a short amount of time and then watch the faux snow settle back into its place. My globe has gone untouched for too long… About a year too long. It’s time to shake it up a bit.

It’s not as though life hasn’t been happening. Quite the contrary. The past year and two has given me time to enjoy my second child go through his senior year, go to prom, choose a college and then send him on his way. My daughter steadies herself in her senior year of college and will start out on her own in just what will be a few months aways. So now, I find myself as an empty nester at 41. Can that be right? Aren’t empty nesters in their 50’s? For many of my friends, that will be the case. But not for me. My husband and I are on a new journey, on our own (until someone moves back home after college or in the summers between semesters). One of my long time goals had been to participate in a local leadership program to help in developing myself as well as give back to the community that I care so very much about.

As a new college graduate myself, this year has also allowed me to breathe a bit, and start delving into my true passion, photography. It’s always been there, inside. Looking at the world through a full frame. Changing positions to gain better perspective. Envisioning the perfect print. I’ve focused on learning and sharing what moves me, mostly through Instagram, but also through local art events and social media.

What’s next? Well, more photography, that’s for sure. More blogging, I still have a lot to share. More school? I think so. I think its time for graduate school but I’m still a little unsure of my direction, but I have a couple of great ideas, which is each because NEPA if full of opportunity and wonderful establishments.

I hope you’ll join me on this continuing journey. Look out! It’s about to snow!