Where does a year go?

Journeys come full circle, so they say. One year ago I was anticipating my trip to India. But there is another part of life that I was driving towards, and that was the completion of my undergraduate education. I was realizing that I was in the final year of earning my honor of a degree to hang on my wall. I was turning 40 and felt the weight of already having lost my father. My children were growing, my life was changing. Life was more real than it had ever been before. I needed India to prove to myself that it really is never too late.

So, today marks one year since I’d asked, “Why India?” That piece still speaks to me and I pray that it will forever. It tells about the obstacles that we face when others can’t see the path we are taking. It also reminds me of remaining true to the passions that drive you and the dreams that make you hope for more. I don’t ever want to lose the feeling of the absolutely unlimited, exciting, unexpected possibilities that are just a decision away, just a “yes” away.

When you don’t know the answer to “Why?” I suggest that you go out and find the answer. Say, “because I want to try, I want to see, I want to do.”

I really haven’t come up with new, big questions. But I promise I will. I owe it to myself to never forget all that I’ve learned about myself and what happens when you say, “because I need to know!”