Going Bananas for Bananas

Today’s world has allowed me to share the things I love with you. At the very least, I know I love to share my favorite recipes and techniques with friends. I love creating something lovely and sharing it. I really love the satisfaction of hearing the ooohs and ahhhhs and telling the secrets behind it.

So, with that admission, I do not claim myself as an expert in any of the fields of cheffing it up or being a craftinista. I have a good time with my scissors and paper, I get lucky with the occasional photo shot and have a pretty good rate of return in compliments on various dishes I lay out. For that reason, I’d like to share those occasional victories with you.

This post surrounds inspiration from Pinterest. Don’t we all have boards packed with recipes all about desserts. There is one in particular has been on my hit list. Banana creme parfait made with real creme, and another where the crust was made with Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies (a recipe from Paula Deen), oh how I love some banana creme but I really love me some Chessmen. Oh you yummy temptresses.

From there a recipe was born.

I pulled out my heavy cream, chilled my beaters and bowl and sliced up some bananas, smashed up my PF cookies … This is gonna be good!

I did tweak the recipes to suit my own taste. The PF cookies 20130403-222445.jpg

crumbled up and mixed with some melted butter to create the bed for that lovely homemade vanilla cream filling.

I drizzled, oh so slightly, some butterscotch Carmel sauce between the layers and atop the dessert.


My whipped cream was made with creme and a bit of Splenda instead of sugar.
Can I say, “BIG hit!” Why did I wait so long to make this? Only change I would make would be to reduce the sweetness of the vanilla cream (pudding). The cookies and bananas are so sweet, that a little bit of subtlety of sweet is required.

Since this endeavor, I’ve made it a personal goal to knock out my Pinterest board pins and actually make a new recipe every week. This isn’t a blogging set up. This is a commitment to change up the boring, if not, non existent menu my family has suffered through the last few years. What good are those pins if we don’t follow through on those great ideas?

Here’s to eating real (good) food again. And more desserts that don’t come from the freezer section or a wrapper. I hear some oohs and ahhhhs coming from the crowd now.