The Time is Now

So I’ve graduated and it’s now October. I’d like to say that with graduation I’ve slowed down and taken time to smell the roses. Well, as I look outside and see the petals falling from the final rose blooms of the season, I can tell you that slowing down has not been on the agenda this year. Although I wouldn’t say that I am juggling anything out of the ordinary, life just seems to be moving faster these days.

In fact, I feel like I am busier than ever. I don’t believe that I mentioned it before but I had a summer cottage which flooded in the fall of 2011. So, along with every day life, it’s been a DIY deluge since then. The two years have been a lesson in scrubbing, hanging, carrying, pounding, placing, and painting (and too many more labor intensive motions that I need not indulge in the details). In the spring, I spent the weeks after graduation working toward the finishing steps of completing the recovery. I secretly hoped that we’d be back to 100% and I’d be able to have a graduation party this summer but no such luck. After weeks of hard work, we decided to put the hammers down, enjoy the progress that we’ve made and enjoy some summer livin’. That was well thought out advice to follow.

And here it is… October! Where did the time go and what have I accomplished? I’m proud to say that the cottage is almost complete, we took a family beach vacation and I’ve enrolled in a community leadership program that runs over the next 10 months. I’ve tried some new recipes in the paleo genre and even I took a college class on a topic that I wanted to learn more about. No credits, just pleasure. POTTERY class. Wheeee! Someone said to me, “Linda, you just can’t seem to stay away from college.” I think they are right. I love to learn and more than that, I love to be involved.

So for now, graduate school is on the back burner, although I hope to know my direction in a few weeks for a possible spring start. Until then, my mind is open for the next opportunity.

What is something that you’ve always wanted to learn to do? What is stopping you or what inspired you to do it?

One that made it!

One that made it!

Me at the wheel