Hello world!

Me, a blogger? I don’t know where to start. Actually, I think I do.

As the web address alludes to, I am in the home stretch of my educational journey and yet, on the verge of a completely new adventure. My name is Linda and I am a thirty-something year old student, mother and wife. I’ve been pursuing a college education for about 7 years now and can finally see a graduation date in my future.

In my senior year, I have been given the opportunity (and good fortune) to take advantage of a faculty lead short term study abroad program to INDIA! Yes, India my friends. Never in my life did I imagine the following… I would be 40 years old by the time that I got my college degree… that I could ever have the chance to study abroad as a student… and that I would ever have an opportunity to visit the enigmatic world of India. I can hardly believe that these dreams are coming true.

So, I hope that you will stop by every once in a while and share in the struggles, triumphs and and joy in my life.

India is one month away.