A Special Mother’s Day

I can recall hearing someone say, somewhere in time, to a husband that his wife is “not his mother”. This point was meant to make some sort of statement that he was not obligated to celebrate his wife’s own motherhood, but rather, should be taking the time to acknowledge his own mother on this day. 

I tend to agree with that… to a degree. Grown men should not forget where they came from. A mother’s love may change and evolve over time but the fact remains that they are a big part of who you are today. So remember your Mom!

Now, the other side of that is Hubby…the father of my children… is most certainly expected to have some reverence for the day, as it relates to me… the mother of his children. Mr Man certainly does that, and has done so over our many years together. This year I am feeling a little bit more sentimental with my upcoming journey. Although I am well in to my marriage (19+ years) and my children are mid and late teenagers, I wanted to feel the love today.

All week I was being asked, “What do you want (want to do) for Mother’s Day?” My response is the usual, “I don’t know. Whatever you plan is fine.” And that is the truth, I am flexible and appreciative of their plans. 

And this is where we have the dilemma… the best Mother’s Day gift that someone could give me is… for me to NOT plan my day and to NOT pick out my gift (not that a gift is required). Some women may disagree on this. I can be a bit Type A but for the most part, I love the idea that some forethought was made for my benefit, without my instruction.

And so… this year for Mother’s Day I was able to spend time with my family, all of us together. The cards were meaningful and the gifts were picked out just for me. Maybe some hints were dropped on what I’d like but, I’m the Mom, I have to put my two cents in, right?

Best of all… I feel loved & appreciated… and that is the most wonderful gift I could ever hope for.