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The Time is Now

So I’ve graduated and it’s now October. I’d like to say that with graduation I’ve slowed down and taken time to smell the roses. Well, as I look outside and see the petals… Continue reading

Eight Years, and That’s OK

The day finally came, graduation day. I have waited not only though the 8 years it took me to complete my degree but my entire adult life to fulfill the dream of earning… Continue reading

Where does a year go?

Journeys come full circle, so they say. One year ago I was anticipating my trip to India. But there is another part of life that I was driving towards, and that was the… Continue reading

Further Proof That It’s Never Too Late

Watch this clip and just try to say that it’s too late for you to go back to school   http://news.yahoo.com/video/newyorkcbs2-15751042/columbia-janitor-is-now-columbia-graduate-29232319.html#crsl=%252Fvideo%252Fnewyorkcbs2-15751042%252Fcolumbia-janitor-is-now-columbia-graduate-29232319.html